What does Rural Marketing mean? It is nothing but applying the fundamental marketing concepts to cater the needs and aspirations of people living in the small towns and villages. In a country like India, it was a neglected niche until a few decades ago.

Marketing agencies and marketing managers were concentrating on the big cities only, and the whole focus was to conceptualize marketing and advertizing concepts that suited urban population.

However, with the economic revolution in the decade of nineties, there has been a revolutionary change in the overall market scenario in the country. Today, rural market is an integral part (rather a significant part) of the overall marketing strategy, and there is a presence of dedicated rural marketing companies in india such as Vritti Imedia!

Why is rural market a lucrative area?

It is because the rural market is growing at a faster rate than the urban. Yes, the big cities and towns are a saturated market where a large number of products struggle for a small piece of pie. In the rural market, there is a big unexplored market even today.

It is the reason; marketing gurus organize specific rural marketing events in india targeted towards the likes, dislikes, and beliefs of local population. It is a guaranteed success mantra.

When products, brands, and services touch the emotions of rural buyers; the penetration is deeper and long-lasting.

The gap between rural and urban lifestyle reduces fast

Gone are the days when products were limited to specific strata of the society. Today, the things are within reach of every person due to the increase in the paying capacity. In such scenario, rural marketing agencies in india need not design separate marketing campaigns for urban and rural mass.

The gap in the lifestyle is reducing pretty fast, and there is very little difference in the living standard. Therefore, products and services that were limited to the urban sector have become relevant in the rural areas as well.

It is a good sign from the market perspective.

Why do you need a dedicated rural marketing agency?

You need it because there you find experts who know the ins and outs of the rural marketing. Hiring a seasoned Rural marketing agency in pune e.g. Vritti Imedia is a guarantee to success.

By coming out with plans and ideas that touch the heart of the rural consumers; it brings big benefits and high profitability to the clients.

option-1Pandharpur Wari, Wari, Ekadashi Yatra; you call it by any name. It is the biggest occasion of Maharashtra where millions of people walk miles barefoot to show the gratitude, devotion, and dedication towards Lord Vitthal.

Yes, it is the lok mahotsav (festival of people) where age, sex, caste and financial status lose their relevance. Everyone is equal, everyone is a warkari , heading towards Pandharpur with the only wish of having a glimpse (darshan) of the holy idol.

The tradition is centuries old, and year after year, more and more people are getting attracted towards it.

It is needless to say that the government, local administration, police, and traffic departments have to work extremely coordinated manner to make it a grand success.

Vritti Imedia is amongst the leading rural advertising companies. IT brings out useful and innovative marketing ideas that dont just promote a brand but also become a helping hand to the administration.

Vritti Imedia serves the whole bouquet of clients spread across domains and businesses from telecommunications to Food & Beverages and FMCG to Retail Advertising.

Nowadays Banking, automobiles, Financial Services & Insurance also seek help from Vritti Imedia to stand in competition.

Vritti always brings something new and different

Yes, the creative brains at Vritti dont believe in repetition. The marketing teams sit together and collectively work to explore mind-boggling ideas that are out of the box and beneficial to the pilgrims.

Social awareness, health, and welfare, public service and support to administration are the core principles behind every marketing plan.

In the Pandharpur Wari last year, the company promoted several brands in such a manner that pilgrims had a direct and long-lasting association with the brand.

A few ideas that banged Pandharpur last year

Goodknight Fast Card, the quickest mosquito repellant made an impressive presence with innovative marketing ideas. Fast Card branding on tarpaulins, establishing tents for pilgrims, fully-equipped stage and bhajan pandals offered convenience and relief to the people.

Ambulance, watch towers for the police department, free drinking water supply, and mobile charging points at convenient locations. Free samples of FastCard were distributed amongst people to have a rea-life experience of its effectiveness.

There were washing zones with an extensive branding of Ghadi Detergent. Pilgrims were offered free washing facility. Iodex brand offered free foot massage to the pilgrims and Navratna Oil relieved them from the headache.

On behalf of SBI Life, free health checkup camps were organized for people. Zee Cinema offered free entertainment and live darshan of the idol in well-maintained pandals.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-05 at 1.48.37 PMThe greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated, the clich holds true with an individual as well as an organization. The feeling of cheerfulness is quite apparent when the Director – Marketing Strategies and Public Relation of Vritti Imedia MR Rajesh Radhakrishnan talks to the correspondent about the overwhelming performance in the 6th APAC Customer Engagement Forum and Awards and RMAI FLAME Awards.

Both of these awards hold a great recognition in the world of advertising and media. Hence, our success is not just encouraging, but quite special. Certainly, it is the collective success of our whole team that didnt leave any stone unturned to bring perfection in every project we handled. She says.

It is overwhelming to receive the award of Most Admired BTL Agency for Customer Engagement in the event. It proves that our efforts are recognized by our clients, and they feel us their partners and not an outsourced media agency.

Winning award at ACEF is something very special

ACEF program is an international level program guided by advisory members of international repute. The programs focus on different aspects of branding such as Branding, Marketing, Rural Marketing, and CSR. The programs are planned for GCC Continent and Asia Pacific Region. Hence, winning an award for the best customer engagement is really a proud moment.

Other that this award which is the Organization Award , we won three Gold in the BTL Activities category, one Gold in the Non-traditional Media category , and one Silver in Events & Promotion category. Thus, it was an all-round performance. She exclaims.

RMAI Flame Awards, another feather in the crown

Not only ACEF Awards, but Vritti Imedia showed excellence in another important event, the RMAI FLAME Awards. It is the most acclaimed award program that celebrates the best of the best in rural marketing and communication.

Rural marketing is always our strong point because we are amongst the pioneers who recognized the potential of the niche.

The fact gets substantiated by the overwhelming performance in the FLAME Awards. We bagged one Gold, three Silver and one Bronze in different award categories there.

We get awards in different categories like arranging the best-integrated campaign, using technology in the best manner, using traditional congregation platforms, and conceptualizing small budget programs.

If you are a religious person who doesnt miss a single opportunity of taking a dip in the holy rivers by participating in humongous events such as Kumbh or Simhastha, then you must have noticed the noticeable change happened in the recent years.

The commercial aspect of such gatherings is not limited to the grand events mentioned above, but you can see it in every yatra or jatra in the rural market.

Yes, there was a little commercialization in the good old times also, but today rural marketing companies go an extra mile to make the best use of these events to promote their brand or product.

Marketers realize the importance of promoting products in religious events

As these events become more popular and convenient, marketers find them fit for promoting brands and products. Not only the events give excellent visibility but also help in reaching a widespread audience.

A few innovative companies such as Vritti Imedia did a splendid work in the niche by designing innovative rural marketing campaigns. It makes use of things that are directly connected to the pilgrims. The campaigns enhance the end-user experience and simultaneously focus on brand promotion.

So far, the strategy has been highly successful. People relate the product marketing concept to the religious experience and remember the product and brand forever.

Creativity is very much important

Rural marketing events in india that got success in the religious events (jatras and yatras) were highly creative and engaging. The efforts made by the respective marketing team were quite visible.

For example, Vritti set up massage kiosks to promote Navratna Oil of Emami. It offered free head massage to the pilgrims. It was a soothing and relieving experience for everyone.

In the recent events, marketers distributed eatables or energy drinks to people, or established free wi-fi centers and sponsored mobile changing rooms for ladies.

All these efforts not only promoted the brand but underlined the commitment and affection of the company for India and Indian people.

Religious events make it economically feasible

Branding and advertisement in rural areas is a costly affair in India due to the difficulty in reaching the target audience. However, these religious events make it profitable because you can target large audience by spending less.

Millions of devotees gather from all corners of India to take part in the religious activities, making it a lucrative branding opportunity.

The behavior patterns and likings of the rural consumers have changed drastically in the past two decades. They are quit choosy and skeptical now. Also, the paying capacity increased manifold. Hence, they do not compromise on quality in any case.

Looking at the change, marketing managers have been forced to brainstorm about the means and ways of luring customers. They cant remain confined to the good old practices.

You will be amazed to know that so many rural marketing companies in india emerged that focus on purely villages and small towns for establishing marketing strategy.

Since the clich Customer is the king holds true with the rural consumers also, marketing managers need to spend time in understanding their choices and preferences.

Brand loyalty? Come on; it is a good old story!

Gone are the days when rural customers preferred brand to the product category. For them, Colgate was the only toothpaste and Dalda was the only hydrogenated oil.

Today, they do not restrict them to a brand but want to experiment and test. They are keen to develop their personal brand preference instead of getting influenced by someone.

Cost may not be a limiting factor for them, but cost-benefit ratio is an important aspect. They are ready to spend high provided the product gives them excellent return.

Rural marketing agencies in india change the marketing strategies to get aligned with the paradigm shift in the thinking process.

Studies reveal some interesting facts

In fact, the consumers of interior villages and small and medium size towns have become more complex than the urban counterparts. There have been several studies undertaken to understand the rural consumer behavior by business management schools.

In a study, researchers conducted tests across ten states in India to know about 20 popular categories of consumer products, e.g. beauty products, biscuits, cereals, food products, etc.

The basic idea behind the study was to come out of prototype thinking and to stop looking the whole rural market uniformly.

The study revealed that people of each state showed different opinion about the product and their preferences were also different.

It means, today it is impossible to make a universal strategy. Even the rural advertising in india also has to be specific to a state or geographical region.

Today a company that offers services for Rural marketing in Maharashtra need to think separately for Madhya Pradesh even if it is the neighboring state. That much complexity has been added to it!

India is a land of diversified cultures. It is an enormous melting pot of religious beliefs, customs, and traditions. Religious events, melas, jatras and yatras are our cultural identity. They are going on round the year in different parts of the country.

Typically, a jatra or yatra is a religious event where thousands of people gather at a particular place with a specific religious reason. They come together, celebrate the event and disperse.

Some of these events such as Kumbha Mela or Simhastha have a nationwide importance, and the participation is in millions.

No wonder, marketing managers find these events highly lucrative. They conceive and implement a series of campaigns that grab the utmost attention.

It is a cost-friendly and effective strategy

Since you get an enormous crowd in the melas (or Yatras or Jatras), it is a great idea to get incredible publicity by spending less. From the branding perspective to visibility and product promotion to social awareness, it is a superb opportunity.

Vritti Imedia is a well-known digital media marketing company and advertising agency that has understood the importance of these events. It has specifically targeted the annual religious festivals that take place in the interior and rural areas of our country.

Since there is a huge potential in the rural consumer market, it is highly important to connect to the rural customers in the way that appeals them the most. Targeting these religious occasions would be highly imperative and rewarding.

You connect well with the consumer

When haats, melas, and jatras become the conversation points, you intercept with the audience quite well. We can compare it with the exhibitions or branding events happening in the huge malls and shopping centers around.

Each congregation point gives you the opportunity to interact with a different audience. When marketing managers do homework before launching the campaign and get the pulse of it, the results are outstanding.

If the event largely attracts women, then the campaign has to be different. Size and demographics of the audience play a pivotal role in deriving the marketing strategy.

Competition becomes tougher and tougher

The rural events no longer remain an unexplored niche. There is quite tough competition because everyone has realized the potential hidden beneath. No wonder, Mela Authorities keep on increasing prices and branding space year after year.

Mela events become high-profile marketing events where brands battle for maximum bandwidth. It is a paradigm shift in the Indian marketing scenario in the past few decades.

There is a saying in Hindi that means, the world will bend the only thing is you need someone who can do it. Vritti Imedia, the leading advertizing agency in India has proved it true. The company is known for introducing new and innovative ideas that are simply unique in the niche.

The team works enthusiastically on each project and derives ideas that work incredibly well. In the last few years, the idea of Audiowala Bus Stand has created a history in the states where it has been launched by Vritti.

It is a simple, cost-effective and profitable idea which has not only earned a lot of accolade and applause but also opened a new dimension to the business.

What is Audiowala Bus Stand is all about?

It is a path-breaking idea that makes use of Bus Stand, the second most visited public place in India after Railway Station for a public campaign. Yes, bus service is the backbone of our rural lifestyle. People of small and medium towns and rural areas are largely dependent on it.

They come to the Taluka places or District Headquarters for several personal and administrative purposes. They listen to the bus announcements sincerely and follow the bus arrivals, departures, and timings.

Audiowala Bus Stand encashes the opportunity to promote products, services, government schemes and all other relevant information that is relevant to people.

A well-planned and well-executed program with a solid research

Audiowala Bus Stand is perhaps the most innovative, useful and effective rural campaign that reaches to millions of people daily. The success is not just a fluke, but a result of in-depth research and meticulous planning.

The research team of Vritti Imedia was quite choosy while deciding the region. They picked the states that have the best quality of roads and bus services. Also, these states are more literate, and the level of awareness amongst rural people is quite high as compared to other states.

Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Punjab and Rajasthan are the states where this innovate idea was tried. The bus stands were equipped with necessary infrastructure.

The journey has been overwhelming so far

You need to talk to the people who visit these stands regularly to understand the effectiveness of it. People listen to the announcements with a lot of interest and take a note of every bit of valuable information.

Audiowala Bus Stand proves that our country is transforming rapidly. Things get success if they hit the right thing at the right time!

Achieving feasibility is a marketing campaign largely depends on what is the audience it is targeted to? When it is well-managed and focus, you reap the best benefit.

Hiring one of the best Audio Visual Advertising Agencies in Mumbai doesnt make sense if it comes out with some lull and boring stuff. In the highly competitive business world, you cant afford to spend huge money on it.

In the recent years, Vritti Imedia used unusual but effective ideas for their clients. Not only these ideas were a massive hit, but they brought incredible benefits to the clients as well.

Using Bus Stands for brand promotion is revolutionary

Before Vritti Imedia, nobody thought about Bus Stand Announcement Advertising in India. In that sense, it is the pioneer company who thought out of the box and made it a grand success.

Why bus stand? The answer is simple because it is the place where huge crowd visits daily. Moreover, there people spend sufficient time to divert their attention to a service, product or brand.

Since these bus stands are already connected by a centralized broadcasting system where announcements about buses get broadcasted, it was quite easy to design a creative campaign.

Vritti opens the whole new world of opportunities

By introducing Bus terminal Advertising in India, Vritti Imedia added several dimensions to the world of rural marketing. First time in India, a rural marketing campaign makes use of technology.

Also, it is a cost-effective yet impactful campaign where people get focused towards the message. Since it uses the audio-visual network system that broadcasts important information about bus timings and arrivals, nobody ignores it.

Perhaps, it is the biggest reason for its massive success. Initially, the campaign focused on consumer goods, but later several other niches also found it interesting.

Today, the whole spectrum of products and services uses the ground-breaking concept Audiowala busstand.

The unexplored power of Bus Stand unleashed by Vritti

Vritti is the only company amongst btl activation agencies in Mumbai that identified the huge potential of bus stands for rural marketing. Before it, nobody ever thought about it.

However, it started bit carefully by choosing a few prominent bus stands as a pilot project. After the encouraging success, the company extended it to large scale.

Today, it crosses the boundaries of states and covers many states in the country. Every year, new companies are adding to the list. On the parameters of reach and effectiveness, it is sure on e of the most successful marketing management ideas in the recent times.

Running a business is a challenging task in the competitive scenario today. You have to be always on the toes to understand the needs of your customers.

When you design a marketing plan for your brand, company or product; it is very much necessary to cover the urban and rural markets separately. Both segments are different in many ways, and a common strategy doesnt work.

For innovative rural marketing campaigns, you need to put special efforts. To make their task simple; the article talks about 10 points that will help a lot.

Planning is the key aspect

Of course, planning is the heart of building a master plan for a marketing campaign but it is furthermore critical here. Designing rural advertising strategies need profound groundwork and scheduling of tasks.

Be a little bit conservative

It is quite unlikely suggestion to marketing managers because they are always aggressive. In the rural marketing strategy, one has to think about the unexpected hurdles or twists because of the unpredictable nature of the rural market.

Keep the communication channels open

As the marketing manager, you should have a close interaction and dialogue with your team members. Get updates about the finer points of the strategy.

Prepare checklist

Make a checklist and keep it updated. Document each and every action and follow it up well. Systematic working is the key to success.

Slow down your pace whenever necessary

As mentioned earlier, rural marketing is not a game of pace. You need to slow down at times to implement a campaign. Or there is a need to change the strategy completely.

Gather as much knowledge as you can

The more you understand it, better is the marketing strategy. Rural activation agencies india must know about the market, demographics, audience, etc.

It is a different ball game altogether

The rural marketing campaign is different from others. Understand the nitty-gritty of it. Respect the difference between the rural market and others.

Keep the finger on the pulse of expectations

You should know what your customers want? Their preferences and satisfaction levels are different. You need to understand what they want.

Information is very important

In the modern era, information is incredibly important. When you design marketing strategy for rural marketing of fmcg products, make use of every bit of information.

A holistic approach is needed

Every aspect of your rural market strategy should be emphasized. Content, selection of right medium, touch points and advertizing; all are important.

Vrittiimedia took an initiative to support Kannada film industry by promoting the new release film through Audio Nildhana.

Kannada film industry is facing a tough time in the fiercely competitive market like other regional languages.

Audio Nidhana is the effective way of reaching more than 50 Lac people simultaneously. Hence, it comes out to be a superb mode of promoting songs and promos of the latest Kannada movies. Since the songs are played at the KSRTC Bus Stands all over the state, it creates a huge impact.

The songs and promos are played during the break between scheduled bus announcements.

SantheyalliNinthaKabira film promo, the latest hit

SantheyalliNinthaKabira is a 2016 Kannada movie based on the Hindi play Kabira Khada Bajaar Mein by Bhisham Sahani. It is an epic biopic starring Shiva Rajkumar who played the protagonist Kabir. The movie portrays the life of 15th-century poet. Sanusha and Sarath Kumar are the supporting stars in important roles.

The music of the film is composed by the noted music composer Ismail Darbar. The movie has five songs and six Dohas written by Kabir.

The movie gets the certificate of being in the category of Historical movies and receives a subsidy of 25 Lac by the Karnataka Government.

The promo includes the details of the film such as star cast, director name, and banner and release date.