Demonetization and GST implementation are two path-breaking events happened in India recently. Though we can keep on discussing the usefulness or irrelevance of both decisions, there is one positive thing happened due to it.

There has been a tremendous increase in the digital awareness in India. After demonetization, cashless became the buzzword.

Since there was a huge cash crunch, people didnt have any option than using smart cards for financial transactions.

However, the penetration and popularity of digital money transfer predominantly happened in the urban market.

Experts feel that the large chunk of the population still needs to be made digitally aware. The government is also aware of it. Hence, focused and targeted efforts are planned to achieve a grand success in the niche.

Common Service Center (CSC) plans to reach up to the grass-root levels

CSC which falls under the Ministry of Electronics and IT launches a special drive to bring digital financial literacy in the rural areas. It targets specific population where the digital literacy rate and overall awareness is quite low.

By making these people educated and bringing them to the mainstream, a substantial increase is expected. It is part of the DISHA (Digital Saksharta Abhiyan) program which encompasses the overall digital literacy.

The plan is to take the awareness up to the last person in the queue. Each person should be able to understand the fundamentals of the digital transaction and all the available options should be accessible.

The more people know about it, the higher is the digital usage. When users are comfortable with technicalities such as Unified Payment Interface or UPI, it becomes very easy to do financial transactions online.

With the help of the widespread network of CSC and the active participation of Gram Panchayats, the digital literacy mission anticipates a huge success.

If it happened on all practical grounds, then it will be a major breakthrough. Certainly, it will boost the governments policies.

As the target group includes all organized and unorganized businesses in the rural and urban areas, there will be a direct impact on the economy.

Why do we need more digital awareness?

As mentioned earlier, it becomes inevitable to use digital mode of payment with the changing business scenario in India.

Since the magnitude of cash transactions will see a gradual dip, everyone has to be prepared for the digital era.

By making the rural people aware of it, the government wants to cover the larger chunk of the population. The urban sector is fairly well aware.


In a country like India where the economy is largely dependent on agriculture, harvesting season is critically important. No wonder, we have so many festivals and celebrations in different states during the different stages of harvesting.

In some parts of Maharashtra, Bendur is celebrated on the Fourteenth Day of Ashadha Month of Hindu calendar.

The festival is the way of showing respect and gratitude towards the farm animals that play an important role in agriculture.

There is a great enthusiasm about the festival in the villages. Bullocks and cattle are part of the family in a typical farmers house. Hence, no efforts left to make the day special for the animals.

Bendur festival shows our gratitude towards the animals who work hard in the farms and help the farmers in earning a good income.

It is the reason; animals are not supposed to work on the day of Bendur. For them, it is a freak-out time.

Vritti Imedia participated in the cheerful festival of Bendur

Vritti Imedia is a company pioneer in the rural marketing niche. With its innovative and creative marketing campaigns designed especially for the rural masse, it has redefined the concepts of product and service promotion in the rural segment.


Since the rural people are the key stakeholders of the business, Vritti Imedia always remains in touch with the people living in the Rural India.

As part of the overall corporate strategy, it believes in establishing a profound relationship with the clients.

Recently, Team Vritti Imedia joined the Bendur Festival celebrations to underline their commitment and dedication towards the clients.

It was a cheerful and amazing experience

Vritti Imedia team went to Wai in Satara district to celebrate the religious occasion with the farmers for whom it is a very special and auspicious day.

The environment was filled with cheer and enthusiasm. People were busy in cleaning the cattle. Bullocks were painted with vibrant colors and decorated with colorful cloth, strings of beads, and flowers. The horns were polished and painted with incredibly beautiful colors.


A procession begins in the morning where the farmers and other people participated. The CEO and Director of Vritti Imedia Mr Veerendra Jamdade actively participated in the events. He attended the procession and performed pooja of bullocks and offered sweets to them.

The crowd was quite happy to see Mr Jamdade taking an active part in the different proceedings of the Bendur Festival.

Looking t the overwhelming experience, Vritti is looking forward participating in further such events.


A village today in our country is certainly not what it used to be three decades ago. If we read about the living conditions of a typical Indian village in the decade of seventies or even eighties, then it looks as if we are talking about Stone Age.

Today, we see a paradigm shift in the situation where marketing managers find the fortune lying at the bottom of the population strata. With the large share of 68 percent and more, it governs the marketing strategies and budgets of small, medium and big corporate houses.

Having said it, in spite of a tremendous economic growth, there is a distinct difference in the mentality and behavioral patterns of the rural and urban customers.

They are two distinct entities, for sure

The overall economic growth has certainly reduced the number of people in the lower-middle class. Now, most of them have got promoted to the middle or upper-middle classes.

In spite of the elevation, there is still a distinct demarcation in the temperament of the upper-middle or middle-class population in the rural and urban areas. Hence, it is impossible to drive common marketing plans or marketing campaigns.

Here are a few prominent differences:

  • A rural customer may not be highly educated, but he is no inferior to his urban counterpart as far as common sense is concerned. Rather, he is sharper. Hence, marketing managers are supposed to design marketing schemes or strategies quite carefully.

  • A rural customer is always more conscious about the cost-effectiveness as compared to the urban customers. He doesnt want a product to be always cheap always, but wants that he gets the best value for money.

  • There is an inherent inertia for accepting new products. Marketing managers need to work their fingers to bones to establish a new idea or brand. It is not that daunting task in the urban areas as users are more eager to experiment.

  • Brand loyalty is distinctively more in the rural market. Consumers stick to a brand through the appearance, color scheme and graphics of the brand. Therefore, a change in the logo or fonts takes a longer time to establish.

  • Still, the predominant source of income is agriculture. Hence, the seasonal surge is more prominent in the rural market. Typically, schemes and promotional plans should be aligned with the harvesting time.

Marketing gurus are forced to apply their brains in deriving unique and focused strategies for both these segments.

The Great Wash YatraYou joined a company as marketing manager and the first assignment you got to create an advertising campaign for product specific to the rural market.

You prepare well, the pitch is superb, and there is no problem in the product. However, strangely nothing works, and it comes out to be a total fiasco.

What could be the reason behind it? What went wrong?

Well, nothing is mysterious in the whole story. The rural marketing is a different ball game altogether. The mindset is different, and you need a unique approach to close a deal. The tactics, tricks, and strategies need to be designed separately.

A few tips to sell effectively

When you work on a strategy for the rural audience, put your whole efforts to make it personalized. The mindset of people living in the rural area is different.

The consumers there get associated with the particular brand or product. The brand loyalty is very high and seasonal factors govern their buying decisions.

Though the literacy rate has gone up as per the official statistics, they still identify a brand by its color, logo or font.

In the backdrop of the given information, here are some tips that will help you in sailing through successfully.

  • Gather sufficient information by meeting people personally. You need to be a frequent visitor in the locality if you want to establish the brand identity. When your knowledge about the market segment and consumer behavior more than your competitor, the probability of success is pretty high.

  • Extend customer education if required. If you are launching a product that they are unfamiliar with, then you need great efforts to establish the brand identity. If you are competing against an established product, then also the battle is tough. You have to draw a rosy picture about your product so that they get lured to it.

  • Involvement is the key to success. Take the project as a great opportunity for building a relationship with your customers. The more closely you work with them, the deeper is the impact. To make a product a big hit in the rural market, you need to put all out efforts.

Dedication, passion, and confidence make a rural marketing campaign a super-duper success. Change your mindset and thinking pattern when you chalk out a strategy for this market segment. Get the pulse of the market right, and you hit the jackpot!

Branding-and-marketing-with-Over-the-RainbowIt is impossible today to take the business to new heights without including rural market. Yes, once upon a time neglected segment of the Indian economy; today becomes the deciding factor. Marketing managers today spend a significant energy in deriving effective strategies that lure rural population.

With highly charged innovation and creativity, today companies develop incredible ways of taking the products and services to the remotest located person.

Yes, it needs a lot of research and analysis, but the results are overwhelming. There have been examples of brands that created history after reaching the high-potential rural consumer market in India.

Here are some useful and impactful ideas to get the attention of the rural audience.

Establish touch points

Well, it is not an idea that needs huge resources. Today, technology helps in building effective virtual touch points if it is not possible to establish physical setup. Mobile phone penetration in India has been phenomenal, and smartphone usage in rural India is much significant than people think.

In such scenario, establishing touch points would be an effective idea.

Using the regional media

Yes, it is more effective to use regional media in the rural market as people connect to the local language more than English or Hindi.

It is important to get adequate coverage in the regional media to reach the target audience for better penetration.

Promotion in the movie theaters is a brilliant idea in the rural market. Since there are predominantly single-screen theaters, the cost burden is quite low.

Innovative companies such as Vritti Imedia thought a path-breaking idea of using bus stands for product promotion and branding. Since bus stands have enormous footfall in the rural market, it is possible to reach a large audience at limited cost.

Influence marketing

Though not popularly used, influence marketing could be an effective tool in the traditional rural market. In spite of the influence of electronic media and other new-age tools, people have a great faith on the personal experience.

Influencing buying decision by making use of heads the consumers believe is useful and effective. Many companies create a strong user base that acts as catalysts for further sales.

Using these tools cleverly and integrating it with further effective ideas of amplification, brands, and services can establish a good rapport amongst the rural consumers. As the rural segment becomes a deciding factor, it becomes all the more important not to ignore it anymore.

imagesWhen 75 percent of the population belongs to the rural market, it is inevitable to build strategies that suit this huge population.

However, unfortunately, all our marketing efforts have been centered on the urban population. There were several reasons behind the disparity.

Firstly, the rural consumers were not very brand conscious earlier. They were more concerned about the costs.

Secondly, they were disconnected to the mainstream. There was a huge gap between the thinking process and lifestyles of both markets. Hence, it was not possible to derive a unified marketing strategy.

Thirdly and most importantly, it was not at all viable to pour huge money in deriving strategies about the rural market only.

The past three decades made a revolutionary change in the marketplace. To cop up with the change, it becomes mandatory to alter branding and promotion strategy.

Using unconventional modes such as melas and jatras

Yes, as the clich goes necessity is the mother of invention; the need for developing cost-effective and impactful strategies to reach to the heart of rural consumers gives birth to a wonderful idea- making use of melas and jatras for brand promotion.

The idea was tried by creative companies like Vritti Imedia and it was a super-duper hit. It has been tried and tested multiple times, and every time it has emerged as an incredibly effective way of attracting the rural mass.

Why is it so much striking?

Melas (fares) and Jatras (religious gatherings) have been an integral part of the rural lifestyle. Every temple and deity is important for the masses, and there are huge gatherings on the specific days that are considered auspicious with respect to the specific religious place.

Since there is a huge crowd, these melas and fares give a great opportunity to reach the consumers. Nowadays, brand activation strategies in the fairs or melas are not purely commercial. They are designed in such a way that they offer direct benefits to the consumers.

Small town melas and jatras are excellent opportunities

When activities are planned in such a way that they offer direct benefit to the consumers, the brand association is everlasting. For example, foot massage service by a pain balm or chilled drinking water by a packaged drinking water company creates an everlasting impact.

By using out-of-the-box ideas, marketing companies achieve incredible reach and brand association. The experiments have been greatly successful so far, and there is still a huge scope for improvisation.

Dabur is amongst the most trusted names in India for products that are unique, outstanding and natural. It has a wide variety of brands that outshine in the competitive scenario.

In the unbearable heat wave recently, Dabur India and Vritti Imedia used their famous AudioWala Bus Stand for reinforcing the effectiveness of
Pudin Hara to provide immediate relief from stomach disorders and indigestion.

Mr. Sunil Sharma the Head of Activation stated that The idea of choosing bus stand was to do something unique and we had envisioned that it is a place where large footfall happens throughout the year and because of that, providing safe and clean drinking water is a challenge. Jhakarkati Bus Stand (Inter State Bus Stand Kanpur) was chosen due to the high number of registered buses (up to 1000 daily) and the average footfall of 45000 people approx. These statistics make it ideal for contextual communication.

A campaign that touched thousands of hearts

Mr. Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Directory Vritti iMedia stated that Dabur India and Vritti Imedia worked relentlessly to make this brand activation campaign a grand success. Right from arranging permissions from relevant authorities to ensuring the effectiveness of the audio system and conceptualizing appropriate jingles to live wet sampling; each activity required meticulous planning and flawless execution.

Rigorous efforts of two months proved fruitful when the campaign could reach out to thousands of people and offered pet ki thandak (cool sensation in the stomach) and relief from Pet ki Badhajmi (indigestion) by Pudin Hara, the tested and trusted brand.

While Pudin Hara jingle stated its benefits, people got a chance to experience its effectiveness in the form of live wet sampling of Pudin Hara liquid and fizz in filtered chilled water. Obviously, the impulse was explicit and impressive.

People found it immensely effective in the hot summers of 44 degrees. It was a refreshing experience indeed.

The immediate benefit was to successfully capture attention of a large captive audience base. It was a unique and first time in the history in the niche.

The success story in hard figures

At the end of the day, the effectiveness of any campaign should be reflected in hard data points. As far as the success of this campaign, it was indeed a greatly successful campaign.

Mr. Sunil Sharma further appreciated the activation saying it fulfilled our branding objective to the core. The fundamental idea behind this campaign was not only to create brand awareness but to establish a direct association between the cool relief by consuming Pudin Hara in the scorching summers. In only 7 days more than 8055 people used the samples at ISBT Kanpur and a total 46667 samples used in 9 different locations, and over 260 Thousand people estimated heard the jingle. Remembering the fact that the campaign was on for one week only, it was a grand success by all means.

Around 45 percent people inquired about the product and its availability. The wet sampling was done in the wholesale markets of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and NCR which also got an overwhelming response. As per figures, more than 46667 people got relief from the stomach ailments in the duration of one week while the campaign was on.

As far as direct sales impact in concern, a surge of sale was visible in the surrounding markets post this activity. It indicates the success of the activity.

What does Rural Marketing mean? It is nothing but applying the fundamental marketing concepts to cater the needs and aspirations of people living in the small towns and villages. In a country like India, it was a neglected niche until a few decades ago.

Marketing agencies and marketing managers were concentrating on the big cities only, and the whole focus was to conceptualize marketing and advertizing concepts that suited urban population.

However, with the economic revolution in the decade of nineties, there has been a revolutionary change in the overall market scenario in the country. Today, rural market is an integral part (rather a significant part) of the overall marketing strategy, and there is a presence of dedicated rural marketing companies in india such as Vritti Imedia!

Why is rural market a lucrative area?

It is because the rural market is growing at a faster rate than the urban. Yes, the big cities and towns are a saturated market where a large number of products struggle for a small piece of pie. In the rural market, there is a big unexplored market even today.

It is the reason; marketing gurus organize specific rural marketing events in india targeted towards the likes, dislikes, and beliefs of local population. It is a guaranteed success mantra.

When products, brands, and services touch the emotions of rural buyers; the penetration is deeper and long-lasting.

The gap between rural and urban lifestyle reduces fast

Gone are the days when products were limited to specific strata of the society. Today, the things are within reach of every person due to the increase in the paying capacity. In such scenario, rural marketing agencies in india need not design separate marketing campaigns for urban and rural mass.

The gap in the lifestyle is reducing pretty fast, and there is very little difference in the living standard. Therefore, products and services that were limited to the urban sector have become relevant in the rural areas as well.

It is a good sign from the market perspective.

Why do you need a dedicated rural marketing agency?

You need it because there you find experts who know the ins and outs of the rural marketing. Hiring a seasoned Rural marketing agency in pune e.g. Vritti Imedia is a guarantee to success.

By coming out with plans and ideas that touch the heart of the rural consumers; it brings big benefits and high profitability to the clients.

option-1Pandharpur Wari, Wari, Ekadashi Yatra; you call it by any name. It is the biggest occasion of Maharashtra where millions of people walk miles barefoot to show the gratitude, devotion, and dedication towards Lord Vitthal.

Yes, it is the lok mahotsav (festival of people) where age, sex, caste and financial status lose their relevance. Everyone is equal, everyone is a warkari , heading towards Pandharpur with the only wish of having a glimpse (darshan) of the holy idol.

The tradition is centuries old, and year after year, more and more people are getting attracted towards it.

It is needless to say that the government, local administration, police, and traffic departments have to work extremely coordinated manner to make it a grand success.

Vritti Imedia is amongst the leading rural advertising companies. IT brings out useful and innovative marketing ideas that dont just promote a brand but also become a helping hand to the administration.

Vritti Imedia serves the whole bouquet of clients spread across domains and businesses from telecommunications to Food & Beverages and FMCG to Retail Advertising.

Nowadays Banking, automobiles, Financial Services & Insurance also seek help from Vritti Imedia to stand in competition.

Vritti always brings something new and different

Yes, the creative brains at Vritti dont believe in repetition. The marketing teams sit together and collectively work to explore mind-boggling ideas that are out of the box and beneficial to the pilgrims.

Social awareness, health, and welfare, public service and support to administration are the core principles behind every marketing plan.

In the Pandharpur Wari last year, the company promoted several brands in such a manner that pilgrims had a direct and long-lasting association with the brand.

A few ideas that banged Pandharpur last year

Goodknight Fast Card, the quickest mosquito repellant made an impressive presence with innovative marketing ideas. Fast Card branding on tarpaulins, establishing tents for pilgrims, fully-equipped stage and bhajan pandals offered convenience and relief to the people.

Ambulance, watch towers for the police department, free drinking water supply, and mobile charging points at convenient locations. Free samples of FastCard were distributed amongst people to have a rea-life experience of its effectiveness.

There were washing zones with an extensive branding of Ghadi Detergent. Pilgrims were offered free washing facility. Iodex brand offered free foot massage to the pilgrims and Navratna Oil relieved them from the headache.

On behalf of SBI Life, free health checkup camps were organized for people. Zee Cinema offered free entertainment and live darshan of the idol in well-maintained pandals.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-05 at 1.48.37 PMThe greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated, the clich holds true with an individual as well as an organization. The feeling of cheerfulness is quite apparent when the Director – Marketing Strategies and Public Relation of Vritti Imedia MR Rajesh Radhakrishnan talks to the correspondent about the overwhelming performance in the 6th APAC Customer Engagement Forum and Awards and RMAI FLAME Awards.

Both of these awards hold a great recognition in the world of advertising and media. Hence, our success is not just encouraging, but quite special. Certainly, it is the collective success of our whole team that didnt leave any stone unturned to bring perfection in every project we handled. She says.

It is overwhelming to receive the award of Most Admired BTL Agency for Customer Engagement in the event. It proves that our efforts are recognized by our clients, and they feel us their partners and not an outsourced media agency.

Winning award at ACEF is something very special

ACEF program is an international level program guided by advisory members of international repute. The programs focus on different aspects of branding such as Branding, Marketing, Rural Marketing, and CSR. The programs are planned for GCC Continent and Asia Pacific Region. Hence, winning an award for the best customer engagement is really a proud moment.

Other that this award which is the Organization Award , we won three Gold in the BTL Activities category, one Gold in the Non-traditional Media category , and one Silver in Events & Promotion category. Thus, it was an all-round performance. She exclaims.

RMAI Flame Awards, another feather in the crown

Not only ACEF Awards, but Vritti Imedia showed excellence in another important event, the RMAI FLAME Awards. It is the most acclaimed award program that celebrates the best of the best in rural marketing and communication.

Rural marketing is always our strong point because we are amongst the pioneers who recognized the potential of the niche.

The fact gets substantiated by the overwhelming performance in the FLAME Awards. We bagged one Gold, three Silver and one Bronze in different award categories there.

We get awards in different categories like arranging the best-integrated campaign, using technology in the best manner, using traditional congregation platforms, and conceptualizing small budget programs.