Ecommerce has been viewed as the intelligent way of selling out the products and services. With a technology boom, the customers all over could be addressed and targeted. However, despite of huge reachability, ecommerce business lagged behind in getting hold of rural population until digitalization revolution came in.

Government wise tie ups

Government has been tying up with banking sector and online cash providers to promote and ease up online financial transactions. This is further being enabled through internet service providers who are bringing in best broadband advancement to the rural areas by placing towers at every nook and corner. Various government initiatives and intervention to introduce digitalization to rural India has proven to be very useful for almost all the sectors of industry but largely the ecommerce sector.

Trusted postal services

Many ecommerce companies have successfully teamed up with Indian postal service to make the delivery of their products to their customers in rural areas. This has proved to be cost effective and a reliable source of delivery.

All these initiatives and this shift of technology will turn out to be fruitful for the ecommerce players through innovative use of media in rural market. People in rural parts need to be educated about the products and its usability. And that can be made possible by hiring rural specialist agency that will be planning and designing a rural effective advertisement campaigns and activities.

Metropolitans support rural

Ecommerce sector being a revolution in itself is directing its advertising strategies to creative and dynamic BTL advertising agencies in India. Many agencies situated in metropolitan cities with their expertise and creative minds are bridging between ecommerce business and rural areas. For example, to reach the interiors of rural areas in Maharashtra, BTL activation agencies in Mumbai and Rural marketing agency in Pune get active to run such distinctive and incredible advertising campaigns.

Different unique advertising strategies

  • Road shows: Such campaigns include BTL activation agencies in Mumbai through road shows in the rural areas. This aims at creating awareness among the rural people about the products and the services their ecommerce client offers at a much lesser and competitive prices.

  • Story telling: Another very effective way of connecting with rural audience is through a story telling and creating a character which resembles the rural population. It talks about the challenges the rural imaginary character faces and tackles through advertised product and service.

Rural areas holding a larger chunk of the entire population of India looks alluring to most of the companies all over. However a lot of misconception and loopholes could be seen in rural advertising strategies. Since, rural India has potential to contribute to the India economy multiple folds, an innovative use of media in rural market must be instilled and executed.

Some of the marketing strategies must be adopted by the corporates to successfully capture the rural India are mentioned below.

  1. Rural India is not poor: Rural population is becoming progressive and demanding at the same time. With increased purchasing power they are looking forward to quality and competitive alternatives.

  2. Rural advertising agency: Corporates must hire an advertising agency like us which has hands on experience in rural marketing. Only if the agency with a rural addressing portfolio will be able to do justice to the campaign.

  3. Unique approach: What worked for urban might not work for rural. Certain products must be specifically designed and launched for the rural population so that the revenues could be increased.

  4. Government factors: Different factors have different impact. Like some amount of loan is approved for agricultural sector in Rajasthan. A sudden rise in demand of agricultural product, tools, pesticides, machinery, and equipment is foreseen. Thus, various agencies are planning strategies for rural marketing in Rajasthan.

  5. Digitalization will do wonders: Along with the new generation, the senior citizen of the rural population is trying their hands on technology too. Thus a lot of digital advertising can be put forth to reach out to them.

  6. Dont ignore the basics: Traditional way radio, hoardings, cultural event like melas, yatras and jatras still proves beneficial in connecting with the audience. Traditional media always works.

  1. Stay rooted: Dont get overboard with modernisations, traditional values must not be disrespected.

  1. Strive when beneficial: People indulge in shopping during Ganesh festival in Maharashtra. Thus strategies of rural marketing in Maharashtra rolled out at that time will be fruitful.

  2. Invest resources: Appointing an highly sophisticated manager in the rural areas will not bring business to the company. Because the challenge rural sector offers can only be understood by someone who is one of them and one they could relate to.

  1. Create a buzz: Circulate the information about the product through rural authorities which eventually act as a demand breeder for the product.

When digitalisation has become a need of hour, how rural India could remain untouched. Needless to mention the scope and reachability is still on the initial stage. However with constant government intervention and other initiative from various businesses, it will soon reach a progressive stage. Government has been encouraging banking to equip the rural population with digital tools. Through various rural marketing agencies in India, certain campaigns to educate people are being run. They are educated about various benefits of online banking, the convenience it offers and how to use it. Since at least one members of almost every family works in city, and sends out money to their families, people are adapting to the digital life. They are convinced about the quickness and security online banking offers.

Also various internet service providers are seem too eager in catering the rural population both in the direction of supporting government initiatives and benefiting themselves with larger revenue share. Separate broadband packages are rolled out for the people in rural areas.

Advertising campaigns goes a digital way

Various innovative rural marketing campaigns, both awareness and advertising is penetrating through the walls of rural areas through rural marketing companies in India like us. These activities talks about the product and services in a more effective and powerful manner. The rural people are made part of such campaigns in a way they are encouraged to use the product themselves. Along with advertising through folk music play & puppet shows, many of the digital ways are also adopted to emphasis on the product or awareness.

Advertising joins hands with awareness

Rural marketing of FMCG products is done way more creatively than ever. The advertising campaigns are designed in a way that they connect emotionally with the audience. In the similar direction, various videos are prepared, talking about the root cause of certain diseases or inability rural areas are trapped in. These videos are then shown to the people, educating them about how all this can be rectified by a using their product or taking up their services. Along with that free samples and discount coupons are also distributed.

Digitalization in rural areas has largely restricted the growth of evil social practices and ignorance that is impacting the progression of the rural India. Issues like medical ignorance, girl child education and importance of being self-independent are also tackled through effective digital advertising and promotions and are whole heartedly welcomed.

No matter how excellent thought backs up some form of adverting, if it is not placed at the right time and at the right place, the entire effort goes in vein. And when it comes to positioning campaigns for advertising in rural areas, the challenge is unbelievably huge. Every business which is offering consumer goods and services wish to get hold of consumers and buyers in rural areas in India. The reason is simple, more than 75% of the entire population inhabits in rural parts. Despite of huge chunk of population that could be catered remains disconnected due to ineffective rural advertising in India.

Like mentioned before it is one big challenge which is waiting to be taken up and get converted in to a profitable affair for both the parties. On one hand the consumer will benefit from the new aged and useful products and services & on the other hand the businesses will see an impressive rise in the revenues.

We at Vrittimedia, understand the current scenario and indulging in mind wrecking sessions to create some effective and competent ways of advertising in rural India.

Traditional form of advertising gets a modern twist

We have closely looked through the reasons that are making certain types of rural promotion ineffective. And thus with a team of experts and creative people we decided to give the traditional forms of advertising a makeover. When the traditional medium will team up with advance thought plan and flawless execution will take the scope of excellence to a greater level.

  • Mike announcements amalgamate with audio Wala bus stand: Announcements over a mike has been age old way of advertising, we took a step upon and launched Audio Wala bus stand. State buses are one of the favoured modes of transportation for rural population. And footfall recorded at the bus stand is humongous, thus continuous advertising announcements along with the general announcements in the local language proved would catch attention of lot of rural people, thus chance of missing on the announcement is completely ruled out.

  • Traditional display of advertising comes alive: We have taken our campaigns in the interiors of the rural areas. Various canopy & kiosk along with a product display is set up. This is beneficial in educating them about the product and how to use it. Various games are organised and various attractive gifts and prizes are given. Also free samples, discounts coupons are distributed.


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MAVIM is the organization formed in 1987 as a NGO, purpose was the devolvement of Rural Womans skills, employment related Skill and Education, founder of MAVIM Mrs. Rashmi Bansal was working in public sector, and always keep a dream to be helpful for social because his ambassador has a thought that, Every person who got the life in earth have the responsibility towards society .

The founder was frankly visiting to families of rural and poor peoples he saw that womans are mostly exploited by their Drunk husbands ,loans taken for farms and cultivation from Moneylender and banks and their whole family was being scattered , but along with these every rural woman was a particular kind of God gifted skill , like some womans was expert in making Pickles , some womans was expert in mathematical calculations , some womans have good potential to work hard by working on daily wages @ moneylenders farms etc. but he observed one common thing that after their daily routine all womans are gathered at least for some period of time to discuss their problems and trying to find out some solution on or below UMBARTHA (A place like big tree or path were they gathered in after their work ). Founder decided to do something for womans he registered the firm as a NGO and the organization construct the platform by his self and some coulees investments, which is well known as SHGs (Self Help Group).

Via SHGs all womans gathered at one place by making the groups of 11 to 12 people. Then founder told them to save at least 1 rs per day in SHG means 30 rs P/M by 1 woman and 300 rs by whole group per month and they can use this 300 rs by giving each family in a month who needs it (i.e. policy like BHISI ) there after day by day policy becomes famous and very helpful for them then slowly founder suggest them to charge 1% interest on loan under SHG for the growth of SHG and this policy was utilized in huge amount the national and rural banks kept noticed that if these SHGs registered under NGO opens their Account in Banks they can give the interest on their savings along with loan at very less percentage and they will get maximum output as Volume of accounts and transactions, founder meet the Managers of Bank and all Shgs registered with their NGO opens their Account in banks, as a result rural and poor womans was started getting huge loans to develops their skills, some SHGs form their Factory of making Pickles, some Shgs formed industries of making Papads, imli chokes,snaks and becomes successful business persons for eg, Vanita Ahar Udyog, Lijjat Papad,Krishna Snacks, Mahila Laghu udyog Borkuts etc., in between 1990 to 2000 government given the grant for Development of this NGO and Named as MAVIM (Mahila Arthik Vikas MAhamandal) which is now running on 50% Grant of State Government and 50% Grant of general revenue. After 2000 MAVIM becomes the first largest organization of Maharashtra and appoints other NGOs to spread all over their SHG concept in INDIA, after day by Day growth Government of Maharashtra decided to the contracts of Office canteens, cleaning contracts and many more their after State Government launch the Projects Like Ramai Mahila Project, Swabhiman Project,Artsaksham Project via which the Exploited woman under four wall got education like internet sathi, skill development, capital to increase their potential and work, and Now from Tree Plantation to cloth preparations nearby 99% Rural, Uneducated and poor womans become delegated and responsible Starting the work by 0 to 100% the MAVIM is being appreciated & awarded so many times and newly joined Collector of Chandrapur District Mr Ashutosh Salil Announces that all Tahsil office Setu Kendra will be given to run by SHGs of MAVIM all the Training of Digital G2C services will be provided by collector office.

In todays world there are so many branded companies are looking forward & trying to get Setu Kendras G2C Revenue Business by E-Tendering and other medium of Collector offices with huge competition but after close observations and need of rural & poor womans Collector chandrapur selected MAVIM and along with that he is also appreciated by Rural peoples, Palak Mantri, Home minister of state. As a Result, Now Gondhiya District Collector is also influenced and is also processing MAVIM to Provide All Kind of Collector office Services via MAVIM. So it is hard to believe that a rural uneducated and poor woman never thought that she will become Icon and sit in side of Nayab Tahsildar and with a symbol of Authenticated Government Representative

A Simple NGO (Non-Government Organization) with their sole hard work & will to devote their life for social work finally Becomes G.O. (Government Organization).

The old lemon juice!

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Well, I am not a proficient blog writer (in fact, this is my first attempt to jot down my feelings on a piece of paper).

Pune is surely one of the best places in India where you can feel and experience the beauty and charm of rains. The geographic location and the lush greenery of this place attract the clouds, and there are ample rains in Pune.

I did my MBA from Pune and still remember those wonderful days. I am back in Pune after six years and still find it as lovely and lively place as it was six years back.

As the rainy season starts, every Punekar packs his or her bags for the lovely and thrilling experience of trekking and mountaineering. There are plenty of places around because Pune is surrounded by the towering peaks of the Sahyadri mountain range.

We had fun at Rajgad recently

Rajgad, the glorious fort of Chhatrapati Shivaji attracts every trekker or mountain lover. The enormous height of 4600 feet above the sea level throws a terrific challenge to every mountain climber.

Our group was pretty large. We were 21 people, and though we started together, separate groups were formed based on the speed of climbing and sustainability. Nevertheless, the aim was to touch the peak.

After climbing around one kilometer, we were a little bit exhausted and wanted to rest for a while to get recharged again.

We heard the voice of an old lady who was selling lime water at the resting point. She was quite old, and some of us just ignored her and went ahead.

Our group was a bit sympathetic about the lady. We stopped there and asked about the price. She told that the cost is 10 bucks which was pretty cheap.

We ordered a few glasses. I must tell that I didnt have such refreshing and tasteful lime water before.

It was so yummy that we had total 10 glasses. We paid the money and started climbing again.

Why should people work at the old age in spite of so much development in India?

Yes, while climbing on the top of the Raigad Fort, each one of us was speechless. I was thinking about the old lady who has to climb such an enormous height every day just for the sake of earning a few rupees?

We talk about economic growth, share market rise, GDP and massive industrialization, but is it really worth?

If old people of the age 75+ are still working to meet their ends, then there is no sense in talking about progressing India!

The lady who sold us lime water must be earning not more than 200-300 rupees every day after putting so much effort. She has to walk at least 3 kilometers every day, in scorching summers, chilling winters, and torrential rains!

The government spends millions of rupees every year but does it really help? The time has come to think about all this sincerely and derive some concrete method of providing social security to old age people.

Statistics say that in the year 2050, we will be having the most number of senior citizens. Therefore, the government and we must start thinking about it today.

If there will be sincere efforts to do a balanced rural and urban development, then only we can guarantee a better life for the elderly people.

Social security pension could be a good idea to provide a certain amount to the senior citizens so that they are not dependent on others.

It is a social responsibility of every Indian citizen to think about it. After all, we all will grow old sooner or later!

– Vaibhav S. Pekhale

The Cutting Glass!!

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cutting glass 2

This Glass doesnt need any introduction in India!! Some call it glass of energy some call it life..You know what I am talking about .?? TEA. GLASS OF INDIAN.

There are many blog already written on The Cup of Tea. Now a days people are writing on the other side of it That effects of TEA on human health & marketing people always come up with all new idea of selling at cup of tea, Now its time for GREEN TEA now every tea making company is coming with their own Green Tea Label to stay in competition.

TEA in India itself a big business and India is 2nd largest tea producer in the world after Chinaaccording to official record.. in July 2016, India had 11 lakh tea workers, of which nearly seven lakh are in Assam and over three lakh in West Bengal.


The cutting glass in the most familiar most used line on Indian Street. And I am one of those people who walk around daily on this streets & not to forget I am a marketing guy who travel most around the Indian Streets most of our meeting are done on a glass of TEA which we even try to ignore but cant ..

Past 9-10 years I have being walking to same streets by office & government offices. There are many changes in this past years but same things never change I am writing one of that thing which did not change in my life- the same cutting glass of Tea next to my office!

He is Anil, the tea vendor. He works for the whole long day & night. He is not just a tea seller for me, but a true friend who knows what type of tea I like!

Today when I asked him that which tea brand he use to make tea every day he showed me the loose packet of Tea On which it was written Maharashtra Tea (one of local well known brand in Pune & part of Maharashtra). Then I realize that when there many well known brands available in market were companies spent Lakh of rupees on marketing. This people still prefer local tea brand in loose packet in their local areas.

Today when Indian Tea market in crossing 33000 Crores turnover, there are many tea brands which we find and sell locally which are not consider, if they are counted the figure can cross many more millions So as marketing people we should always try to find such local brand and try them to market them and bring to the main stream line, were they can give competition to the bigger brands in the market. Because when I tried to find out how much money a average street tea stall make in the month was just shocking for me as per their calculation the make out around 45000-55000 per month.

So now just think that, what would be the annual turnover of the street tea seller in our country and the loose tea or local brands operating in India.

We need to find out such tea brands seller in the rural India

Marketers Really Need to Think Upon!!

In the period of MAHABHARATA in Dwapar yug .. The romantic and historical story happened in capital city of Vidarbha KOUNDNYAPUR.


Rukmani was the youngest daughter Of king Bhima . She was very beautiful and holy girl. She falls in love with Krishna who was the king of DWARKA NAGARI.

But there was a twist. that king Bhima & king DURYODHAN were friend and they had treaty that they both will fight the war against PANDAWAS & KRISHNA.

So there was no chance.

old tempel

Krishna inform Rukmani that she should come for Darshna of AmbaDevimata temple at Amravati and he will take her from there to Dwarkanagari.

As par plan all happened but Rukmanisbrother Rukmaiya came there and opposed Krishna .

story of krishna

There was a battle between Krishna and Rukmaiya on the soil of Pedhi river of Bhatkuli. Krishna did not kill Rukmaiya. He cut his mustache & beard only.

Rukmani still call by name VIDARBHA KANYA. Koundnyapur is located in Amravati Dist. Distance from Amravati is just 40 km and from Nagpur its 100km. there is MSRTC buses are used for transport to reached at KOUNDNYAPUR.

KOUNDNYAPUR has a great historical background but the Government and our MTDC dept not taking care of it.


There are no good roads, no any infrastructure or no any focus to develop Koundnyapur as a tourism town.

In fact, many people of india do not know about this town and its history. It is very bad thing .

The government has to do something for it.

tempel krishna

It has to be developed as historical place and tourist place to Koundnyapur.

The way is still from where Krishna and Rukmani was traveled towards Dwarkanagari, the temple of Devi AMBA is also still waiting that somebody share its history and awareness in our india and rest of world. People must know about love story of Lord Krishna &Rukmani..this is all.. Namaste

new trends in shopping goa

Other than being the central point between the two major market s of North Goa I.E between Panjim and Mapusa.

The Town of porvorim was more popular as a suburb which was majorly a residential area which was known to be quiet, adjoining the famous NH 17.

The Identity of this porvorim has changed from a residential area to a Major crowd puller due to The Biggest Mall in Goa known as MALL DE GOA which is started in the year 2016.

The dynamics of this place have changed completely .Goa which had a few supermarkets and a small mall but when we talk about this small town it houses 3 major supermarkets and as mentioned earlier the biggest mall in Goa .

This has bought a major shift in the shopping habits of Locals .First it was total dependence on Panjim and Mapusa for shopping now the crowd from all major cities in Goa seem to do their shopping in porvorim . As all a mjor International and national brands are easily available and all at one spot .

This easily shows that people are more concerned about time then roaming around from shop to shop bargaining for a item ,as they get everything right from grocery to stationary and clothes all under one roof .

Its a new trend that has picked up quite well among locals as almost everyone is busy with ones work shopping in the mall gives a very good Leisure as well as LOT OF TIME IS SAVED WHILE SHOPPING.


I am from Indore (MP), now its been done 11 months to shift in Pune, in Pune I am working well known advertising company where we do rural advertising through our Audio Bus Stand… From many days I observed one thing which is most important to share with you that is why Indore BRTS run successfully as compare to Pune BRT project.

From the day of inception of Indore BRTS, I was thinking how Indore administration will run this project successfully and after crossing many small and big problems, now Indore BRTS earns it’s big amount of profit from Advertising on BRTS (Bus, poll kiosk, indoor outdoor etc.) nowadays Indore becomes a education hub where number of reputed educational institutions and many more options for entertainment as well. There are number of small and big restaurants and hotels are there, we all know 65% of our population is young.

Our PM is doing many things to promote Digitization of India, and Madhya Pradesh is the 1st state of India who is aggressively working on the way of digitization. And that is the city of Indore. Indore is the one where International Airport, IT Park, BRTS corridor, AICTSL Bus service and Education institutions are situated these are the smart amenities which are served by Indore administration to his citizens very smartly by considering all the cost incurred in to it.

As smart citizens of Indore all big and small brands are doing their work in a smart way for Ex. Promotional activities like advertising. Now Indore BRTS plays a lead role to advertise all types of brands on BRTS Corridor the impact of this type of one stop solution of branding is liked by all Indore citizens.

I think if Pune BRTS administrative department will take it as model. BRTS administrative of Pune need to think upon & need to take an advantage to utilize this property in terms of monitory gain as well providing necessary facility to commuter sand utilize this platform as a marketing & promotion purpose.

Saurabh Vaidya

Key Account Manager

Vritti Solutions Ltd., Pune.