Mr. Mahesh Sachan, Marketing Manager, Tafe/ Eicher Tractor heaps praise on Vritti i-Media and shares his thoughts on how beneficial the audio ads at bus stands have been for Eicher.

Mr. Nilesh Landge, Sr. Manager, Operation and Corporate Business, Vritti Solutions tells us how i-Media can help a brand reach its rural audience and can customize the message to each region.



Mr. Rameshbhai Patel, founder & CEO, Gujrat Tea Traders Pvt Ltd. speaks on how Vritti i-Media audio advertisement at ST Bus stands has given them mass penetration, reach and excellent brand recall

Vritti’s i-Media services are truly unique and offer value for money. The target audience oriented media services help our customers launch promotional campaigns, brand building exercises, and product launches cost effectively.

Vritti i-Media’s Digital World Audio Network broadcasts audio advertisements in State Transport bus stations, leverage our rural expertise and cater to the masses traveling by buses.

Vritti i-Media Digital World+Audio Visual Network relays digital advertisements at Highway Food Malls. The digital advertisement displays at highway food malls give an added dimension to the advertisements through its video display


Mr. Veerendra Jamdade Founder & CEO, Vritti solutions ltd. speaks about the concept and history behind Vritti i-Media.

Vritti i-Media, an arm of Vritti Solutions Ltd. offers innovative and value for money media solutions that can help companies market and advertise their products and services to the Tier-2, Tier3 and Rural markets using Digital Technology.


Mr. Sadashiv Patil, Partner, Dwarkadas Shamkumar, Latur says why Vritti i-Media is what you should go with if you want your brand to be famous at even the taluka and village level.


Why you should look at vritti i-Media if you want to successfully market you products, services and brands to Rural India


Mr. Hemant Vandekar, Head, Brand Promotions, Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) shares his inputs on why he thinks Vritti i-Media is the best at advertising to the rural population in Maharashtra and how MKCL have benefited over the past 3 years by being with Vritti i-Media


Mr. Anand Bhutada (Director) Kirti Oil Mills,Edible Oil Manufacturer shares his experiences on how Vritti i-Media’s digital platform provided the best value for money & excellent penetration in the rural & semi urban areas as compared to other Mass Mediums & in turn helped them capture the market.

Maharashtra, with a total population of 90 million, is one of the most populous states in this country, Out of this 90 million; a whopping 55 million people reside in rural and semi rural areas. Understandably, this presents unique and limitless opportunities for brands trying to make their presence felt in the semi rural and rural areas. Traditional media like print and TV reach out only to 45% and 40% of the entire population respectively. This means, that 46% of the population can be considered as ‘media dark’ or not being approached by any media.


Vritti i-Media

With the traditional media reach being so limited, it’s a real challenge for advertisers to connect with their audiences and get their brand’s message across. It becomes important to find a solution that will not only reach the right people, but will also ensure their captive attention thus ensuring a high recall. Vritti i-Media’s Digitalworld+ solution is a digital technology enabled outdoor media advertising solution that ensures corporates can effectively plan low-cost, high impact campaigns that reach out to the audience that are semi literate as well thus breaking the barrier of media darkness.

Vritti’s Digitalworld+ audio network relays audio announcements at MSRTC bus stands across Maharashtra at over 80 locations, every 30 minutes. The USP of this solution is that the advertisements are combined with announcements about the bus arrival and departure schedules, thus ensuring the captive attention of the audience. This medium is well established for over 4 years and leading brands like Lux, Wheel, Kirti Gold and Bajaj auto have been using the solution for their rural marketing campaigns. Lokmat, one of the leading dailies of Maharashtra has been using the Digitalworld+ audio network to promote sales of the newspaper by making use of the setup to announce daily headlines to passengers travelling by ST’s across Maharashtra. This medium is also effectively used to warn passengers against pickpocketers and other minor travelling hazards along with information on serious epidemics like swine flu.

Vritti i-Media at bus stands

Vritti i-Media at bus stands

As the announcements are in the local language, the impact level is high and helps brands reach out to the heart of the rural population, most of whom are illiterate. Unlike other OOH media, these ads can be changed dynamically and run at different times across different locations. Repeated renditions of the ads with a gap of 20 minutes ensures a greater recall (as the average time spent at a bus stand by passengers is half and hour- forty minutes) and helps form a brand image.

We can thus conclude that Vritti’s solution has a definite advantage over all other forms of outdoor advertising and it can be safely said that here is one technology that has helped brands break the barriers of media darkness and reach their message effectively to a population that just cannot be ignored by corporate anymore.

Authored by:

Veerendra Jamdade


Vritti Solutions