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HUL wanted to create awareness about Lux Sandal and cream bathing, a new variant of Lux Soap among consumers in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities. This variant of Lux was meant to target the ladies of Maharashtra where Sandal, or chandan as it is popularly known, is considered to be very good for the body and makes the skin softer. As a result any soap made of chandan sells easily in Maharashtra. HUL wanted for there to be an increase in recall about Lux Sandal and Cream soap in the target market as opposed to competitors in the same category as well as an increase in the market share of Lux Sandal and Cream soap in tier 2 and tier 3 cities by highlighting the benefits of using this soap.

For meeting their objectives, HUL approached Vritti i-Media to run their campaign. Vritti i-Media along with their DW Audio Network which is a unique, innovative and cost-effective digital technology enabled media delivery solution that enables companies to market and advertise their products and services to Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities and rural markets in the form of audio advertisements. Vritti i-Media have also been appointed as the sole Authorized Agency by MSRTC to run commercial audio advertisements that are played along with the buses arrival/departure announcements on public address systems at bus stands across Maharashtra.


The audio advertisement jingle was created and ran for a duration of 30 days from the 15th of December to the 15th of January. HUL wanted to have all the ST Bus stands that were under Vritti i-Media and therefore the same jingle was run across all of the 85 bus stands under Vritti i-Media without any changes in the advertisement. This included urban, semi urban and rural locations like Pune- Narayangaon, Solapur- Barshi, Kolhapur, Marathwada – Beed and Vidarbha – Yeotmal.

Once the ads were aired, it could be seen that there was a positive response from the target market. A survey was done on 100 women at bus stops to test the response of the audio ads. The survey focused solely on the women present at the bus stand. The findings showed that there was a deeper emotional connect to Lux Sandal and Cream than compared to other soap brands and women preferred using it rather than other soaps.

"rural Marketing" "rural advertising"The survey pointed out that the amount of people using Lux Sandal and Cream was at a very high level which was 71%. The soaps fragrance and color were found to be the most liked attributes. 19% were of the opinion that the soap had a good effect on skin and made it smooth and soft. Even amongst non users of the soap there were favorable comments as a great deal of them confirmed that they would like to try Lux Sandal and Cream soap.

Thus Lux were able to use Vritti i-Media’s DW Audio Network to tap the rural market and enhance their presence in rural areas resulting in a larger brand recall and market share.


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Vritti’s i-Media services are truly unique and offer value for money. The target audience oriented media services help our customers launch promotional campaigns, brand building exercises, and product launches cost effectively.

Vritti i-Media’s Digital World Audio Network broadcasts audio advertisements in State Transport bus stations, leverage our rural expertise and cater to the masses traveling by buses.

Vritti i-Media Digital World+Audio Visual Network relays digital advertisements at Highway Food Malls. The digital advertisement displays at highway food malls give an added dimension to the advertisements through its video display


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Vritti i-Media, an arm of Vritti Solutions Ltd. offers innovative and value for money media solutions that can help companies market and advertise their products and services to the Tier-2, Tier3 and Rural markets using Digital Technology.


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