Vritti i-Media Harnesses Technology to Foray into Uncharted Territories

October 31st, 2012 | Posted by vrittivaani in Articles and Opinions

Vritti i-Media’s unique selling proposition has been its distinct range of outdoor advertising services. The most prominent of these is a result of the company’s tie-up with Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) that has enabled it to make announcements at village bus stations, combining bus announcements with advertising. This OOH offering encapsulates a fundamental credo of the company, which is reaching the consumer when he is idle and receptive to information or communication. This service has been among Vritti i-Media’s most distinct and successful offerings since it has allowed advertisers to establish a significant degree of brand recall among the target audience. So, having met peerless success for this innovative advertising solution, Vritti i-Media has stepped up its plans for aggressive growth and expansion in the country by now taking its entire groundbreaking basket of offerings to north and south India.

Just like the MSRTC tie-up in Maharashtra, Vritti i-Media has forged an exclusive partnership with North East Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (NEKRTC) for 43 locations in Karnataka and Pepsu Road Transport Corporation for 15 locations in Punjabon a built and operate model to provide its audio and video network services for five years. Just as the MSTRC service, Vritti i-media would enable NEKRTC and PEPSU to provide its passengers with useful information regarding bus arrival and departure on its public address systems, while helping governments and corporations to dish out useful information to folk from small towns and villages, using innovative technologies. Rural masses that may be semi-literate and hailing from media-dark provinces will especially benefit from this service since they would receive updated information about bus schedules, information and routes, as well as public information. Regional and local businesses will prosper as a result of their wares being advertised through the alternate outdoor media option to a floating population that changes every half hour.

As a subset of Vritti Solutions Limited, a pioneering software solutions company, it was only natural that Vritti i-Media would introduce cutting-edge, real-time, broadcasting technology to the bus services. The Company is managing the hardware and software that goes into the computerised public announcement system network at the Karnataka and Punjab bus stations. Mr G N Shivamurthy, MD, NEKRTC proudly affirmed that it is now the first corporation to introduce India’s first Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-based departure recording system to enable precise status recording and ease operations. Similarly, Mr Karbanda, MD at PEPSU opined that the tie-up will help the corporation streamline its announcement processes, while making travel for passengers. Vritti i-Media has devised the announcements to be heard within a 100-meter periphery of the bus stands at the locations. The Company that is estimated to reach about 40,000 people per day per bus stand is slated to reach an audience of 145 million per month, given the newer locations on its portfolio.

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