J K Cement

Vritti iMedia
18 December 17

J K Cement

J K  Cement  Brief :

J K cement is one of the leading  cement company who is been in existence since the year 1918. It has developed its name through the years of independence. JK Super Cement is a trusted name in India and the brand tagline “Vishwaas hai, isme kuch khaas hai” signifies that the brand has something special that sets it apart from the others. Similarly, in a religious gathering like Kumbh Mela, trust and belief are the common threads that connect the huge crowd of devotees.


JK Super Cement understood the need of  the devotees , along with Vritti I media had come up with a concept and made a humble effort in putting up a Unique Selfie Zone – “Ek Selfie Prabhu ke saath” which means “a selfie with the Almighty”. For a low involvement category they involved people tremendously.

The Selfie Zone was the most important activation and an innovative way  J K cement and Vritti media had come up with. Where the pilgrims could take selfies with the god as a valuable memory. Such mela always have a long que and the pilgrims have a craze of capturing those moments spent with god so that even after going back they have it as their memory. Apart from this they had come up with various other engagement activities such as :

Activation 1: J K Cement came up with providing clean drinking water to their pilgrims who had come there after a long tiring journey. It provided clean drinking waters which was made in the base of cement matka ( Water tank where water is stored). Which kept the water cool and pure.

Activation 2 : Thematic Boards were put up on the entrance and all over as to understand that J K cement had played an integral role in the Kathushyamji and also it had information related to main organizers and the other related information.

 Activation 3: J K cement had come up with information boards which helped the pilgrims to understand the directions and also other related information like the sign boards which helped them to understand which way they had to lead in order to meet their god.


During the entire activity Approx. two million people were benefited A lot of people appreciated the efforts that were put up by J K cement and also lot of people came up saying they have always trusted this brand and their houses were build up by J K cement and also in future they would use J K Cement to build up their homes. It had been a positive outcome for both J K as a brand and Vritti media. Vritti brought in high involvement with the ultimate consumers with a category in low involvement.

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